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Denormalisation aggregate function for Postgresql

A handy function that can be used to build vectors from tables. Advertisements

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Time for a vacuum?

A graph of CPU, Motherboard and Graphics card temperatures so far this year. Since getting this machine I’ve been collecting hardware measurements from it. I thought I should try to see if there are any trends developing.

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Output synchronisation in Python

A simple trick to making print more atomic.

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Syntax highlighting Prolog

Just some followup comments on the previous post.

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QuantCup challenge 1 conclusion

The QuantCup challenge I previously posted about has finished.

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Prolog and the Einstein puzzle

My attempt at solving the “Einstein Puzzle”, seen recently on Reddit’s /r/math.

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Method polymorphism in C

An overdue post on polymorphism, which in C amounts to the ability to call a method on an object without knowing what the implementation is.

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