QuantCup challenge 1 conclusion

The QuantCup challenge I previously posted about has finished.

After my entry was submitted and scored, the scoreboard was divided into two tabs: official entries, and enthusiasts. Interest must have picked up because a lot of new names have populated the scoreboard. I wonder if any students from my local University entered after I sent pointed out the contest to them? It would be great if at least a few other NZers were in it.

There was obviously plenty of scope for optimisation. The winning score was almost twice as good as my last submission; well done to voyager. I suspect, in my entry’s case, general improvements in latency and particular improvements in the skip list usage would have helped the most. Micro-optimisations in the general code may have helped a little, though I expect the C compiler has already picked the low hanging fruit there. I would be interested in seeing the other programs. The terms of the contest don’t specify publication of the entries but there’s no harm in being optimistic.

In any case, my entry’s code is now at http://code.google.com/p/ejrh/source/browse/trunk/match. It’s of historical interest (if any) now. (I note that the scoring data — a C file — constitutes the largest part of Ohloh’s estimate of “my” programming output.)

I look forward to seeing QuantCup challenge 2!

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