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A couple of Fridays ago, a solid state drive — the 256GB Crucial M4 — on which I’d been keeping my eye became available again at a reasonable price, so within a few minutes I placed an order. It arrived … Continue reading

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Curious line-endings in FTP

Whilst hurriedly implementing basic FTP support in a program that’s due in a couple of days, I ran into a strange phenomenon: Retrieving ftp://login:password@server/data.csv, a multiline text file, will return the file intact. Retrieving ftp://login:password@server/data.dat, another multiline text file, won’t: … Continue reading

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Is software “engineering” ?

(TL;DR – Yes, but it isn’t architecture.) This question, and the subject of vocational nomenclature in general, has been grinding my gears for ages, and deserves a rant of its own. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to call … Continue reading

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Sleeping in loops considered harmful

NetBeans gave me an interesting code hint today: Thread.sleep called in loop.

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DOS filenames are still useful

TL;DR – If you end up with an invalid filename on Windows, you can manipulate the file using the secret DOS name.

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Using the NTFS journal for backups

This post (in draft for almost 18 months) describes my amateur understanding of an interesting and useful NTFS feature, the USN Journal, and shows how I’m using it as part of a simple backup program in Python. It also gives … Continue reading

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Sequent calculus fun with Logitext

(This post is overdue; I’ve been more than usually busy at work on a new project, and have not had the energy to do anything interesting when I get home. Well, I saw this a while ago and today out … Continue reading

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