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Some practical uses of goto

A few days ago there was another submission on Reddit on the evils of goto. The flow control primitive “goto” is “considered harmful” (the phrase was coined by the editor of the journal in which Dijkstra’s famous letter was published).

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Debugging wxPython programs

wxPython is a great way to write full-featured native GUI applications in Python.  It’s a wrapper for wxWidgets, a portable windowing toolkit written in C++.  (wxWidgets used to be called wxWindows, but, thanks to Microsoft’s inexcusable penchant for giving all … Continue reading

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Fixing a ZIP file

A certain firewall I know habitually chops off the last few bytes of some responses. It’s usually noticeable when large binaries are downloaded. Installers may fail to run (fortunately most of them contain an integrity check), and ZIP files may … Continue reading

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Beyond Hello World

A common pattern for introducing a programming language is the Hello World program. But what exactly can you tell about a language from looking at its Hello World program?

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Output XPaths for XML grep

A small improvement to the program. It now has an option for specifying output XPaths separately from the search XPath.

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