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Image PCA animation

A short follow up to the earlier post on image analysis. We can cram another principal component into the visualisation by going 3D. This animation depicts the first three components as spatial coordinates, and the second three as colour coordinates. … Continue reading

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XML in the database

At work we often need to analyse large sets of XML files. We have a standard XML format that is used for a lot of the data interchange. Each message describes the state of a complex data object at a … Continue reading

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Images in space

A common project attempted by programmers of a certain naiveté is classification. For example, classifying images based on their characteristics. A lot of applied AI is about classifying stuff. The applications are things like a search engine for similar images, … Continue reading

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World Backup Day again!

It was World Backup Day a few days ago, and for once Slashdot managed to warn us about it ahead of time. Well done to them, and I hope it’s a policy they apply for future events. (For a moment … Continue reading

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