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Over a year has passed since I posted anything here. What’s been happening? I have changed job. I’m not overworked by any means, but I have found that I have less time and energy left for the frivolous, but stimulating, … Continue reading

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Sequent calculus fun with Logitext

(This post is overdue; I’ve been more than usually busy at work on a new project, and have not had the energy to do anything interesting when I get home. Well, I saw this a while ago and today out … Continue reading

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Last Friday I stumbled on Manufactoria, a cute web-based game in which the object is to build machines for testing and repairing robots. This is done by manipulating a robot’s code, a sequence of red and blue symbols. Each part … Continue reading

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Images in space

A common project attempted by programmers of a certain naiveté is classification. For example, classifying images based on their characteristics. A lot of applied AI is about classifying stuff. The applications are things like a search engine for similar images, … Continue reading

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Crop circles and other rounding errors

My first attempt at adding fixed-point calculation to my fractal revealed a strange phenomenon:

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I was confronted with this CAPTCHA today:

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Low-level priority queue optimisations

Optimising the Fractal’s trace mode by changing the priority queue and enabling SIMD.

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