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Objects in C

As the first topic for Higher-level C, I’ve picked a big one: objects.

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Vector denormalisation in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a relational database system, and is designed for the general case. That means it aims for scalability rather than efficiency at any specific data size.

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Galaxy animation from 2010

I’ve been rewriting a gravity simulator (see my earlier posts on ephemerides and relativity).  This isn’t because I’ve thought of a better design or come upon a better technology for it.  It’s because I lost the first version!  I’ve recovered … Continue reading

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Star Control II mod

For the past couple of years I’ve been involved in a game project.  Its working title is Project 6014.  We had a real title, “Crystal Storm”, but soon learned that it was also the name of an adult entertainer. Always … Continue reading

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Thunderbird, IMAP and Gmail

Today I have reinstalled Thunderbird, and begun an IMAP copy of my Gmail account.

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Version control update

Since posing the version control question I’ve experimented a bit.  I’ve begun putting my extant work back into version control.

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Faking relativity

As you know, the orbit of Mercury about the Sun cannot be explained entirely by Newtonian physics. In an ideal Newtonian system, the orbit of a small body around a larger one is a stationary ellipse. In the case of … Continue reading

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