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Don’t use signed ints if you don’t need them

Progress on fractals, and a minor (but arguably obvious) optimisation I stumbled upon today.

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I was confronted with this CAPTCHA today:

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Low-level priority queue optimisations

Optimising the Fractal’s trace mode by changing the priority queue and enabling SIMD.

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Mandelbrot calculation using SIMD

How running two calculations in a single thread can speed up the Fractal by up to 90% (but more likely, 15%…).

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Version Control by Example

A few weeks ago, someone called Eric Sink posted on Reddit saying they wrote a book and were giving it away for free. My copy arrived today!

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Tracing a fractal outline

Improvements to and a release of my simple fractal program. I’ve been working on the Mandelbrot fractal program that I made in April.  At the time it drew the fractal by allocating every n‘th pixel to a separate thread.  I’ve … Continue reading

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