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Encapsulation in C

A previous post in my Higher-level C series introduced basic object creation, using structs. Here I’d like to elaborate on how to define and organise code that operates on objects. Advertisements

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AI for a logic game

This is a clone of KNetwalk.  I got addicted to this game when I got my Netbook.  Some of my daily train rides were spent adding a feature to my compiler, but equally often they culminated in a slightly improved … Continue reading

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Price-time matching engine

A friend sent me a link to QuantCup, which is “a quant trading themed programming contest”. Now, I have little enthusiasm for high speed trading, but I am always interested in programming.

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Not a Julia set!

Following my previous post, I put together a primitive Mandelbrot explorer.  Rambling through the Mandelbrot landscape, I found this:

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I’ve just updated my blog header to use part of an old fractal wallpaper. It’s a part of the Mandelbrot set, located somewhere between the second and third bulbs.  I foolishly forgot to make a note of where, because I … Continue reading

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Fire simulation with FDS

Last November I downloaded something called Fire Dynamics Simulator, which is made by NIST (the US government’s National Institute of Standards and Technology).  If there’s one thing I admire about the United States government, it’s that it actually does useful … Continue reading

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GPU temperature control

Open Hardware Monitor has been running (via a scheduled task) on my machine, since I discovered it in February.  It collects data on the 36 sensors in my system, and logs it every 5 seconds.  I’m generally pretty happy with … Continue reading

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