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Data flow analysis and regular expressions

I have some unfinished business with regular expressions.  It arises in the rather peculiar application of static analysis of programs — the regular expressions represent the possible paths through a program.  (Perhaps it’s not all that peculiar to compiler experts, … Continue reading

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Sock matching engine

During a wholly uncharacteristic bout of clothes tidying, I realised that sock matching was essentially the same problem as limit matching.

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On C++

I had a recent discussion on C++, as part of a wider topic of favourite and unfavourite languages. I was asked to give my opinions on it; in fact, I think I was asked to explain the motivation Higher-Level C.  … Continue reading

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SC2 mod design notes

Following its release a couple of weeks ago, tonight I’ve imported the Game Development Document into the Project 6014 wiki.

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SC2 mod next steps

A month ago, I wrote about the SC2 mod project that I’m involved in.  From an outside perspective, it seems not much has happened since then.  And as someone who mostly participates in the roles of website administration and programming, … Continue reading

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QuantCup update

Yesterday I received an email update from the QuantCup challenge.  This was surprising, as it’s the first I’ve heard from them since attempting to register.

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Open Hardware Monitor logging and fan control

I’ve updated my OHM working copy to r314, and generated a patch that adds the two features mentioned previously: Periodic logging of all sensor data to CSV. Control of GPU fan using a reference temperature.

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