QuantCup update

Yesterday I received an email update from the QuantCup challenge.  This was surprising, as it’s the first I’ve heard from them since attempting to register.

The existing entries have been re-scored against new hardware and the table updated.  I’m still not sure if I’m properly registered, but I sent my preliminary entry in anyway.  I’ll have to wait till the next update to see how well it does (assuming I remembered my contest display name correctly, and they accept me).

The example implementation scores 14500 with the current leader at 750; that’s 95% reduction.  On my previous tests my reduction was 79%.  So the competition now looks rather tough!  There’s still room for algorithmic improvement in mine and I haven’t done any constant factor optimisation (AKA as premature optimisation :p).

Update. The contest organiser Pranava Adduri has run my entry; see the leader board. :-)

Update 2.  Pranava has got back to me and confirmed my suspicions about ineligibility.  Oh well!  It’s still a fun contest — I still recommend it to any students familiar with C (the programming language; prefereably not the grade :p).

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4 Responses to QuantCup update

  1. Eugene Logunov says:

    Great job! Btw our entries have a lot in common :)
    I decided not to submit further improvements until someone runs ahead me.

    • ejrh says:

      I’m no longer on the board (though I still have time to quit my day job and become a real student). And it looks like you’ve got some real competition now. I’ll be interested to see your score if you submit a new version.

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