Open Hardware Monitor logging and fan control

I’ve updated my OHM working copy to r314, and generated a patch that adds the two features mentioned previously:

  1. Periodic logging of all sensor data to CSV.
  2. Control of GPU fan using a reference temperature.

The patch is here.  You need to use a patch tool to apply it to the OHM source code, then recompile.  I make no guarantees regarding the patch’s mergability, compilability, runability, usability, safety, correctness, or usefulness, or any other guarantees of any kind. :-)

The first feature can be somewhat configured in OpenHardwareMonitor.config by setting log.interval to the number of seconds between outputs.

The second feature adds an Auto option to the Control submenu for GPU fan speed.  Set this to the desired temperature and the program will attempt to adjust the fan speed to maintain this.  As explained in the previous post, it doesn’t work very well!

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