SC2 mod next steps

A month ago, I wrote about the SC2 mod project that I’m involved in.  From an outside perspective, it seems not much has happened since then.  And as someone who mostly participates in the roles of website administration and programming, I couldn’t see much activity either.  But that was just the calm before the storm…!

It’s now evident that, far from lying dormant, the secret plot cabal was working away to give us something worth implementing. And Jaakko has now released a gigantic plot document (serious spoilers in that document, by the way!).  Now it’s up to all of us to make it playable.

Where do we start?  Some of the major things that need to be done are:

  • Writing.  There will be plenty of new conversation.  We’ve reached very high standard for dialogue in the demo, IMO, and we now need to replicate that for the remaining 90% of the game.
  • New comm screens.  We have 5 new races, and new comm screens for some existing races.  This is work for our artists.
  • New sound and music.  Especially for the new races.
  • New ships for Melee.
  • Implementing dialogue and plot.
  • Implementing new devices and other gameplay.

There will be 5 new races in the game.  Each of these needs:

  • Background story
  • Conversation
  • Plot involvement
  • Comm screen
  • Music
  • Ship design, graphics, and sounds
  • Ship coding

We’ve acheived most of this for Lurg already (excepting plot), as shown in the demo.  We now have to do it for several others:

  • Andryosynth
  • Faz
  • “Exotics”
  • “MasterRace”
  • Mmrnmhrm
  • “SlaveRace”
  • Taalo
  • Xen-Weyi

Androsynth, Mmrnmhrm and Taalo are already known in the SC2 universe.  They were not meetable in SC2, though the first two were active at the time of SC1 and SC2 has ships for them.  The Taalo were suspected to be extinct at the time of SC2.

At this point there is material waiting to be implemented.  When we were working on the demo we had a spreadsheet listing all the outstanding items.  This time I’d like to be a bit more organised, and use our project’s issuer tracker.

We need to parse the document and create an issue for each task, at a suitable granularity.  I’m still deciding how to go about that…

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