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One thing from 2014: a compiler and CPU working together

2014 was a sparse year for blogging and other projects. But at least some progress was made on my CPU project, including a major milestone: namely, running its first compiled program. Stored-program computer Firstly, the CPU is now capable of … Continue reading

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Over a year has passed since I posted anything here. What’s been happening? I have changed job. I’m not overworked by any means, but I have found that I have less time and energy left for the frivolous, but stimulating, … Continue reading

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A compiler has always seemed to me to be one of the supreme examples of a serious computer program. It operates on other programs, translating them from one language to another. It must simultaneously work with high-level concepts, and manipulate … Continue reading

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Data flow analysis and regular expressions

I have some unfinished business with regular expressions.  It arises in the rather peculiar application of static analysis of programs — the regular expressions represent the possible paths through a program.  (Perhaps it’s not all that peculiar to compiler experts, … Continue reading

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