Code and other free stuff

I’m putting more of it on the web.

I’ve been seeing on r/programming more and more links about GitHub and how important it is for programmers to have a “portfolio” (and how GitHub is perfect for that). Well, I still don’t like Git much. And I’m pretty self-conscious about publishing stuff (however much this blog may seem to refute that).

But for some reason I’ve suddenly decided to do just that. Just not with GitHub, or Git. Or calling it a portfolio.

Part of the impetus was my recent work on, which is a Python script I hacked up for importing the UQM changes into our Project 6014 repository. I had a sudden realisation that I could use it do maintain a public Subversion repository as a partial clone of my private one. I’d create an “ejrh” project on Google Code, and automatically replay commits to my personal repo there. Possibly using an import branch, just as I do for Project 6014.

Then I thought a bit more and decided I could just use svnsync to keep the Google Code one up date. So much for the excitement of finally doing distributed version control…

Anyway, here it is at: As of now I’ve only listed what I want to put there. The Subversion repository there is empty. Once I’ve double checked my private one for sensitive/irrelevant cruft, that repo will start filling up. With free stuff! Some of it might even be useful.

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