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QuantCup challenge 1 conclusion

The QuantCup challenge I previously posted about has finished. Advertisements

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Method polymorphism in C

An overdue post on polymorphism, which in C amounts to the ability to call a method on an object without knowing what the implementation is.

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Writing a file system

Really just an excuse to play with B-trees.

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On C++

I had a recent discussion on C++, as part of a wider topic of favourite and unfavourite languages. I was asked to give my opinions on it; in fact, I think I was asked to explain the motivation Higher-Level C.  … Continue reading

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SC2 mod next steps

A month ago, I wrote about the SC2 mod project that I’m involved in.  From an outside perspective, it seems not much has happened since then.  And as someone who mostly participates in the roles of website administration and programming, … Continue reading

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QuantCup update

Yesterday I received an email update from the QuantCup challenge.  This was surprising, as it’s the first I’ve heard from them since attempting to register.

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Encapsulation in C

A previous post in my Higher-level C series introduced basic object creation, using structs. Here I’d like to elaborate on how to define and organise code that operates on objects.

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